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The college has achieved this goal by getting a fine balance between classroom learning and practical expertise.

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Who We Are

IAMR Law College, a professional autonomous college functioning under the aegis of Ideal Educational Society, established in the year 2000 IAMR in parts rigorous and multi-disciplinary legal education with a view to producing world-class legal professionals, scholars & public servants. IAMR Law College empowers ifs students with knowledge, skills and vision to meet the challenges & opportunities


IAMR has always aspired to excel in academics and has worked towards its goal to produce young lawyers who possess the intellectual genius and are morally conscious and socially responsible to ensure the rule of law.

Our mission is to endeavor towards bringing social, political and economic change. This mission is achieved only with committed students who are keen towards their education. The faculty members and staff at IAMR give their best to the students through a fine combination of curricular schedule and co-curricular activities. The various cells regularly organize competitions and training programs.

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Founded as an educational institute in the early 2000, IAMR Group revamped the prevalent methods of education and focused on innovation. IAMR COLLEGE OF LAW has been imparting legal education for years.

The object of legal education is to impart valuable education. Legal education is meant to protect individual interest as well as societal interest. The object of legal education is to make a balance between the aforesaid interests. The law is only the tools to achieve the social interest. The aim of the legal education is to promote Rule of Law and Principle of Natural Justice. IAMR COLLEGE OF LAW strives to disseminate legal education in a way that it will meet out all the social, political, religious and economic problems arise in the contemporary society

The society is a dynamic normative system that is growing and developing in a very fast mode. The law develops like a society and it is also a dynamic normative system. The law as a normative system should not only confine to legal system rather it should have multidisciplinary approach which can be useful to eliminate problems arise in any others normative systems like political normative system, economic normative system, sociology etc.

Undoubtedly, our sincere efforts are to make legal education a moral and justice education as a tool to social, political and economic change. Each individual who is part and partial of the society is being obliged to achieve ideal which are guaranteed in the preamble of the Indian constitution. Our students will not only be disciplined agents of the society but also worked as promoter of constitutional objectives. Our student will promote social political and economic justice and establish a civilized nation.


  • To train professionals by imbibing skills, competence and positive attitude with a focus on the needs of the society and industry.
  • To generate new knowledge by engaging in research on the frontiers of technology and management, adaptable for use by the common man. 
  • To undertake collaborative projects and consultancy with industry and to transfer the technologies so developed. 
  • To develop and sustain a transparent organization through continuous up-gradation of the institutional system. 
  • To provide an environment conducive for the professional growth of the faculty. 
  • To achieve the vision of providing globalised education in India, IAMR Law College has recreated one of the best faculties across India.


The college has achieved this goal by getting a fine balance between classroom learning and practical expertise.


Classroom Teaching

The college emphasizes on quality classroom teaching which develops legal understanding and makes students aware of their social responsibility.

Moot Court and Mock Trials

Moot Court activities are a thrust area of the IAMR. The College strives to integrate the theory and practice of Law in the campus through regular moot court competitions and mock trials of cases.

Negotiation Training Session

After comprehensive training, the students were assigned two cases and they were asked to prepare and present a mock negotiation session.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who network with various industry and corporate partners for campus placements, internships, guest lectures and leadership lectures etc.

To break away from the conventional classroom teaching, students are motivated into self learning through presentations, research, case studies, other simulation exercises. With a rich library at college, we stress upon reading and research and lead classroom teaching with discussions on judgments of various courts, social issues, latest developments, so that the students may comprehend law in an objective manner.

Seminar and Conferences

Professional and Personality Development Classes

Academic Visits

Internship & Placement Cell


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